Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Opposite of God

Disclaimer: I am not a learned scholar, merely a curious schoolboy. I make little effort to define my terms- this is a blog, not a doctoral thesis. This is intended for an audience of people who are already familiar with the bible and basic Christian beliefs.

What is the opposite, or antithesis, of God?
I have been asking this question all day, and the most commonly presented answer, and perhaps the one on your mind, is Satan. So:
The antithesis of God is Satan.
So is Satan equal with God?
Well, no, we couldn’t say that.
Than how can he be the antithesis of God if he is not on the same level as God? For I can say the opposite of a bad apple is a good apple, but I can’t argue that the opposite of a good apple is say, a paper clip, for they do not inhabit the same plane.
All right, how about this:
Evil, which is represented by Satan, is the antithesis of God.
But even that doesn’t quite work, for from where did evil come?
God created Lucifer, who then became evil incarnate as he rejected God and His attributes. So, then, evil is the deviation of a created being from the Law of God. Since evil is from and pertaining to God’s creation, it cannot be the antithesis of God either.
So then let us refine our statement by changing it to:
The antithesis of God is no God, or un-God.
But that still doesn’t argue, for “by God were all things made, without Him was nothing made that was made.” so a “un-God” concept does not exist; there is only God and His creation.
So what is the answer?
Well, we know that God is all-powerful.
But God is also goodness, (in fact the goodness) and that He by his own nature limits Himself, which He alone has the power to do since He is self-existent.
So by God limiting Himself, he is in effect positioning Himself on the other side of the equation. Thus we have arrived at the conclusion that God is His own opposite!
Now, this does not mean that there is a “good God” and a “bad God” engaged in some super-cosmic battle, for this statement has nothing to do with good or evil. Nor is it that God is split in half with some kind of multiple personality, for we know that God is consistent with himself.
So, we now arrive at the final (at least for now, anyway) thesis statement:
The antithesis of God is God.

What do you think?
Feel free to debate.