Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pets...sort of.

If I had a pet, I would name him/her/it "Peeves".

I'm not really a lovey-dovey person when it comes to pets, I can take them or leave them...

But I do have some pet-peeves. For example, I've noticed that people don't bow down to me every time we meet (And by "meet" I mean them following at a respectful 10 feet behind). This annoys me...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And many more!

Hello, everybody!

Today (Mon, Jan 4) was Sir Isaac Newton's 367 birthday. He didn't do much to celebrate however, and I'm pretty sure he's dead. My condolences to his family.
Anyway, once upon a time, Sir Isaac Newton was sitting in the shade of a fig tree eating a sandwich. All of a sudden he was hit on the head from a fig that had flown off of its branch, because Jesus had cursed the tree. Because it was a hot day, the fig had gotten very mushy and when it hit Newton on his head it splatted and slid off, and some of it got into his sandwich that he was eating. Then Newton shouted "Eureka!" and came up with the Fig Newton.
Oh, yeah, and he also invented gravity, I'm pretty sure.

So you see, great things can happen when figs have wings.