Saturday, February 16, 2008

3:20 AM


The water is wide, the poem goes
except here, obviously.
It starts out cold,
But I am bold,
And soon I am ready for
Soap, soap, soap.
Do you use it?
I hope.
Shampoo, shampoo,
To rub in my hair.
What do you use,
if no hair there?

How To Write A Poem

Writing poems is easy, Bob,
Just make everything rhyme, Bob.
Have some kind of meter, Bob,
That way it will sound good and flow like a well written poem is supposed to.

That was rough, Bob.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


For some time now I have been amusing myself by thinking up definitions to the word verification "words" that I have to type in order to post a comment on the blogs of many of my friends.
Now, some people might say that those "words" are comprised of randomly generated characters and make no sense whatsoever and that since you can't pronounce them anyway your time might be better spent doing homework.
Who's to say that many of our words that we use every day didn't start out as random sounds put together, and that just because you don't know how to pronounce them doesn't make them any less real?
With that encouraging thought in mind, I would urge you to do the same; next time you are confronted with that jumbled collection of distorted letters, don't rush on by and forget them, make a story!

The Lay of Xhdha*

Xhdha had fallen.
Although mighty in combat, Xhdha fell while attempting to cross the dunki of Gihob.
He slipped on the piigwo the herd of mkotidx had deposited, and before he could draw his yorut-handled breedle, the iviln-eyed horde of urhwyn were upon him, crying: "Yazknzer! Vjecc kyoke, Hoyrd!"

Ah, Xhdha, Xhdha!
Long will you be remembered.
I raise my duknsq to you, and drink.

All of the unfamiliar words in this example are genuine, that is, taken from an actual word verification request.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Here's the little video Sam and I made for Student Development Day.


To do, to have done
Would be good, there's no dispute.
But to do, to have did,
One must first begin doing.
I'd better start, he says,
And looks over what he has.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Reflective Ironing

I like ironing.
I realize that as a male that is a dangerous statement to make, but,
I like to iron.
I'm not sure what it is about it, whether it's the taking of something that was disarrayed and straighting it, bringing order and making it aesthetically pleasing, thus in my small way making the world a more orderly place...
Or perhaps it's because as I iron I think and reflect on "many things" in almost a Walrus and the Carpenter sort of way.
I think that as a man ironeth, so he liveth.
Do I really need to iron the back of my shirt? I'm probably going to be wearing a jacket all day. Besides, that part always wrinkles almost immediately after one climbs into the shirt anyway...
After all, it's not like people are going to walk up to you and say, "You ironed the back of your shirt! Let me buy you a steak dinner!"
People usually don't give you a gold star because you spent the extra time and ironed the back of your shirt, and they are usually quite offended when you ask.

Incidentally, I ironed the back of my shirt.