Monday, December 24, 2007

Words- random thoughts recorded...

Even in this age of bellowing entertainment all clamoring for our attention,
there is still in children and schoolteachers alike the same joy at the
faint pianissimo sound of a snowflake settling.

- Ode to a Finished Meal -
A corps of corpse-like cobs of corn
But a pale shadow of what they used to be
Lies lightly on my plate forlorn.

- Something so Deep That You'll Fall Asleep -
Dreams that are so real
you don't know you are asleep,
Reality that is so dream-like
you don't remember waking up...

- Hope -
Hope springs infernally,
and often bounces right out of control.

The Tale of Yei

The Tale of Yie
Long ago, in the far off forgotten times of the distant past, lived a fairy named Yie.
(pronounced "Eee")
She wasn't a very great fairy, to be sure, and she wasn't the most beautiful, or the most powerful, but she was a fairy, and that meant something, even in those days.

In that time, if Mr. Brown wanted to send his humble holiday felicitations (such were the words of Mr. Brown!) to Miss Blakely, it was required of him to go to the General Coop Office and procure the use of a carrier pigeon.
For the small sum of forty-one cents, he could attach his greeting to a little ring secured to the bird's left leg (it needed its right leg to signal), throw the bird out of the window, and hope for the best.

Well, everything was going along just swimmingly (or should I say "flappingly"?),
when all of a sudden disaster struck.

"The pigeons, the pigeons!"

"They are all dying!"

"It's a regular Epidemic!" was the cry.

A great plague swept the land. The birds were falling by the millions. There was nothing anyone could do.

"What will we do? How can we wish each other a Merry Christmas if there's no bird to bring the wish?"

"Help, Oh, help us!" they beseeched the fairies, "Do something, Please!"

The fairy leaders sat down together in thought, to figure out some solution to the problem.
"Aha!" they said, and set about to work.
First, they tried to revive all the dead birds.


Next, the fairies tried to create new carrier pigeons.

No success.

Now, you might have thought that I had forgotten all about our fairy, Yie.
To tell the truth, everybody had. She had been sitting quietly off by herself all this time, watching, and thinking.

Finally, just when everyone was at his lowest, she stepped forward.

"Hmm..." she said.

"Hmmmmm... I wonder... yes..." she muttered, and began to tell her Plan.

"I say!" said the fairy leaders, and began to draw large, complicated diagrams.

"I say!" said the people, and began to talk excitedly amongst themselves.

Yie smiled. She didn't need to say anything anymore. The smartest fairies in the land were working around the clock to finish her Plan.

"Just think," the people said " A Grand Network!" "Unlimited Service!" "Reasonable Rates!" "Plus, absolutely no after delivery clean-up required!"

Finally, on the day before Christmas, it was finished.
"What shall we call it?" the leaders asked.

"Call it Yie-mail, after our dearest fairy, Yie." someone shouted.
"Yes! Yes!" the people responded. "Yie!" "Yie Forever!" "Speech!" "Speech!"

But all Yei did was smile, in her own way, a very little smile.
And boys and girls, after all these years, in your own Yei-mail, you can sometimes see her, still smiling.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Coming soon!

And to think that I'm still so humble...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Caroling, caroling, through the town...

I woke up this morning to Mom saying "Get up, Dad called from work, and wants our family to go sing at Pizza Shack."
I just love our family.
So we arose, got dressed, and drove to Pizza Shack, a family run restaurant
started by two brothers from Naples, Italy. They also happen to be one of the best eats in the valley, in my opinion.
Turns out my Dad, a public school bus driver, had been ferrying the high school choir and band around all day, and thought it would be nice if after singing all morning they were sung to.
So, while they took their lunch at the aforementioned eatery, The Owens Family Singers sang.
While the strains of Carol of the Bells, Way Down Yonder, and White Christmas rang out amid the bustle of the restaurant employees, I reflected on the fact that most people probably never have had as much enjoyment with their expensive presents and parties as we have just singing.
I just love our family.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


wOW!! i'Ve HaD soMUCH cAFFiNE tHese PAST feW DaYs, It'S
A wOndER iT DoeSn'T ShOW!

But now I'm over the hump, so to say, and from now on finals will be a breeze in comparison.

Carpe Carpio!
(seize the carp!)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I thought I'd post a photo for once without any text.
Oops, I forgot-Man, I did it again!
I think I'll stop.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Call to Professionalism

I was talking with my friend Sam late one night, and one of the things mentioned was the fact that among many in the holiness movement there seems to be an avoidance of anything that looks professional. They want it good, but not too good, for fear that it might seem worldly. While I agree that you need to be careful in making sure that all due glory is given to God, I must question the validity of their argument.
Shouldn't it be that as Christians we of all people should be the most professional, for ours is the most important profession of all?
If you sing, sing to the best of your capabilities, which might mean going to college to get a degree.
If you are gifted an any way, whether musically, artistically, socially, etc; then to not develop the gift as far as you can for the Lord would be a waste, a rejection of God's blessing.

While it's true that we shouldn't base our opinion of someone solely on what we see on the outside, as humans we can't help but be discriminatory of what we see and observe.
Man looks on the outside, and what he can determine with his physical senses-and since we are human, it is natural for us to judge based on what is visible to us.
Therefore, in anything we do, and especially when we present the gospel, let's do it to the glory of God, and to the best of our strength.

Now where did I put that shoe shine kit?


Non Nobis

In Medieval times, the priests or some times the king would say a "non nobis" before the army went into battle.
"Non nobis Domine, non nobis. Sed nomine, tuo de gloriam."
Which being translated is a paraphrase of Psalm 115; Not unto us, Oh Lord, not unto us... but unto you be all the glory.

As a musician, it is easy to get my focus of attention off of God and onto myself. I practice, practice, practice to get something down, and after I do, I feel as if I did it on my own. After all, I was the one who spent all those hours in perfecting it, right?
Now juries are in a few days, and the feeling of self-dependance are stronger then ever, as I tell my self, "Come on, man, it's all depending on you to get this done."
Oh, God, help me to say my "non nobis" more often, and to give all the glory that is due to you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's a rather blog world

They're everywhere.
Kids blog, parents blog, grandparents blog, and even on some occasions, small domesticated rodents blog. Or so their owners claim. And now I'm doing it. What is a blog, you might ask?
Well, the term "blog" is simply a cutesy, hackneyed contraction of the two words, "web log".
I actually tend to think of what I'm doing as more of a "web limb" than "web log".
So would that be a blimb?

Blissfully Blimbing,